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The Everyday Peace Community is a space for people passionate about social change where we co-create the knowledge and networks we need to make change happen in our communities.


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A Social Change Platform

The core idea of everyday peace is that people are agents of change. We all fo through some struggles in our lives and we try to improve things for ourselves, our families, communities, or society as a whole. However, we do not always realize that our struggles are expression of broader systemic issues. This also means that we are not the only ones going through these struggles.

Through this community we hope that we can join hands to support each other so that we are not alone anymore. also, once we get together we can share the knowledge and experience that we need to make the changes we want more effective. This platform has been created to make digital tools and resources available to social change actors, starting from everyday people, informal communities, movements, small organisations and social enterprises around the world so they can maximise their impact.  

In this platform we think of social change in a broad sense. We imagine that people have diverse ideas of what change should look like, and may focus on different aspects of it. When we think of social change, we have in mind a society where everyone has the chance to live in dignity, freedom, and is able to express one-self. We want people, animals, and plants to improve their wellbeing in a deep, holistic sense, and be able to express themselves and achieve their potential. We acknowledge that we are all interconnected, and to achieve all this we need to heal and improve our connection with ourselves, each other, and our environment.

There are of course many barriers. We live in a socio-economic system were profit is prioritized over… everything else. It is our hope that this community will bring together new visions and hope on how to resist and build new alternatives. We will need to find ways to resist power structures that reproduce violence, inequality, and discrimination, and stop certain groups of people to dominate over others, appropriating their resources, exploiting socio-economic gaps for political or economic gain.


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The Everyday Peace Community encourages researchers in fields related to peace and social change to connect with community actors to increase access to knowledge that can be translated into action. Scratch to discover how.

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All the features are designed to make your research easily accessible to community actors and enhance collaboration.

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The Everyday Peace Community aims at making digital tools and training available to social change actors to enhance organising, collaboration, and sharing resources. Scratch to discover how.

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All features are designed to increase access to resources needed for social change action.

Our Model

Sales Free Platform

At a time where we are constantly bombarded with ads and content that seeks to push us to buy, we have decided to make this a space free from advertising and sales content. We would like people to enjoy this platform experience and build positive relationships and ideas without the pressure of buying and selling. Therefore, we ask you to avoid using this platform to sell.

We understand and respect the fact that we all need to generate adequate income from work. We do plan to support social enterprises and small businesses that aim to bring about change, which is why we are developing exciting features and opportunities to experiment an alternative model.

Privacy is one of our core values, and one of the reasons why we have created this platform is for people to have an opportunity to use these tools without having to compromise on their privacy needs, as well of maintaining ownership over their content. For this reason, we are making choices such as not using traffic analytics tools and staying independent from other social media. You can download the data that you provide for the use of this platform through your account. Despite this, we acknowledge that we need to develop better systems to guarantee your privacy and, at the same time, protect from cyberattacks. Some of the current weaknesses of the current system are that some of the features provided use third party services, such as Zoom and Google Maps. Also, administrators have access to data, but will not access your private account unless requested by you to fix issues. Building alternatives to provide better protection will require more resources and staff dedicated to this, which is one of our priorities.

We believe that knowledge that benefit people and communities and can help changing societies should be accessible and available to everyone no matter their financial means. At the same time, those who contribute their knowledge and experience need to be able to support themselves so that social change work is financially sustainable. To meet both these needs, we have decided to experiment a ‘heart-based’ model: all the resources and tools in this platform will be available for free. Everyone has access to a wallet, so you can donate and support content creators. All the credit purchased on the wallet goes to the chosen destination, no fees are deducted. Support for the Everyday Peace Community through donation or the membership model also follows the same rationale. What you give is your choice.